Schools out for Summer Treats!

Schools out for Summer Treats!

The bath bomb mini’s are definitely our best selling product for our younger customers! Although I must say I often end up adding a few of these to my baths! 

With amazing sweet scents and incredible colours we can see why they are a favourite! 
We sell these in packs of 6 but one bath usually takes about 3-4 ( my kids usually end up throwing the whole tub in! ) 

Speaking from experience with two young children the excitement for bath bombs is real haha! Yet before opening serenity scents I noticed how expensive good ones could be and in one bath they are gone! 

This is why I promote these so much for kids as they can last as long as you like them too! Use one or all of them the choice is yours! 

We offer a mix and match option on our tubs to create the best bath art! Like candyfloss and bubblegum together or cola cubes and grape! 😍 

I understand with them being so colourful this may be a concern for you regarding staining the bath tub or the kids! 🤦🏻‍♀️As long as you don’t handle them much in the water this will not happen as all our colours are water soluble! I know it’s hard stopping this from happening as my daughter loves to squish them in her hands! Haha any colour will come off with soap and water! 

If you have any pictures of the bath minis in action please share them on our social media! We would love to see them in action 

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